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Park City Utah Statistics

Elevation: 7000’ at Main Street: ranges from 6500’- 10,000’

City Size: 12 square miles

Average Daily Water Consumption: 4. 6 million gallons

School Population: 3,891

Assessed Property Valuation 2001: $3,390, 742, 411

Number of Primary Dwelling Units: 2,624

Number of Secondary Homes/ Units: 5,718

Tourist Bed Base: 17, 477 pillows in vicinity; 4549 units

Gross Taxable Sales: $400 million in city

Number of Restaurant Seats in PC & Basin: 11,354

Number of Park City Business Licenses: 1500

Number of Retail Stores: 251 in Park City & Basin

Number of City Police Officers: 22

Number of City Employees: 269 full time equivalents

Number of Miles of City Roads: 94

Skier Days 2001-2002: 1,350,003 at three area resorts

Park City Utah is located in Utah’s Summit County, 36 miles eastof the Salt Lake City International Airport via a six-lane interstate highway (I-80). Park City proper measures two miles from end to end. Just five miles separate Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons Resort, with Park City Mountain Resort between the two.

Salt Lake City International Airport is served by 11 airlines with more than 700 arrivals and departures daily. Airlines include AeroMexico, America West, American, Continental, Delta Air Lines, Frontier, JetBlue, Northwest, SkyWest, Southwest and United.

Park City is located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountain range, part of the Rocky Mountains.

Within the city limits, altitudes range from 6,720 ft. to 8,460 ft. The surrounding Wasatch Mountains rise to over 10,000 ft.

More than 7,000 residents live in Park City Utah year round, with nearly 30,000 people in Summit County.

Winter temperatures in Park City average between 24 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers average 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average snowfall is 143 inches in town and 350 inches at the resorts.

Park City Utah operates a free area bus service from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Ten-minute frequency between Deer Valley Resort, Main Street Transit Center and Park City Mountain Resort is provided. Free bus service also runs to Kimball Junction, servicing Park City’s outlying areas and The Canyons Resort. After 11 p.m., 30-minute frequency is provided.

A wide range of lodging accommodations are available in the Park City Utah area, from hotel rooms and condominiums to bed & breakfast inns and dormitory rooms. Park City has approximately 5,700 units and rooms "or 21,500 pillows" to accommodate guests. (There are 25 meeting properties, with more than 3,000 committable rooms.)

Park City has more than 100 restaurants offering a variety of culinary options and atmosphere. Cuisine includes Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, Austrian, Norwegian, Southwest and American Continental.

Park City Utah has more than 100 shops and boutiques in four distinct shopping districts: historic Main Street; The Resort Center; the North of Main district and 60 manufacturer outlets at the Factory Stores of Park City.

- contains info from town of Park City and Chamber of Commerce

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